Be a voice for municipal action.

Your municipality has primary responsibility and authority for making your community walkable. Elected and unelected municipal officials need to understand how walkability works. And they need to know there is a large and vocal base of public support for walking. Walkers vote.

Other means of transportation have their champions – cars, freight, public transit, even cyclists. Walkers need to have our own voice. We need to be heard.

Start by identifying the key elements in your walking strategy (barriers to walking, priorities for action). And, because municipalities are creatures of the provinces, understand the provincial policies that affect municipal action (e.g., a provincial walking strategy, land-use planning and transportation policies).

  • Educate decision-makers, including elected and unelected officials, about the needs for walking in your community.
  • Get your municipality to sign The International Charter for Walking.
  • Get your municipality to apply for a WALK Friendly Community designation.
  • Push for dedicated municipal staffing, e.g., a transportation demand management coordinator or pedestrian planner.
  • At election time, survey candidates, hold an all-candidates meeting.
  • Provide input into relevant plans/and policies, e.g.:
    • pedestrian/active transportation plans
    • official land-use plans
    • neighbourhood revitalization plans
    • transportation plans
    • Complete Streets policies
    • sustainability/climate plans
    • economic development/commercial policies
    • healthy community policies.
  • Monitor major development applications like subdivisions or redevelopment plans (get on the notification list) and intervene at planning committee and council to push for walkability.

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