GCC supports funding for active transportation

ACTIVE transportation infrastructure needs $694 million in dedicated annual funding from the federal government, according to a submission from the Federal Active Transportation Coalition (FATC).

As an active member of the Coalition, we agree. In a letter to infrastructure minister Amarjeet Sohi, Green Communities Canada endorsed the establishment of a dedicated federal fund that will match municipal and provincial spending on improvements to sidewalk networks, crossings, bike routes, street lighting, and other walking and cycling infrastructure.

“It’s a big ask,” said GCC Executive Director Clifford Maynes, who represents us on FATC. “But governments are spending tens of billions on transportation infrastructure in the coming years, and active transportation needs to get its fair share.”

Maynes is hopeful of a positive response. “Infrastructure Canada actually invited a formal proposal from the Coalition.”

Champions of walking and cycling are invited to write to Minister Sohi in support, with a copy to Clifford Maynes.

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