FCM calls for federal active transportation leadership

A resolution adopted by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (95% in favour) urges the federal government to take action in support of active transportation.

The resolution, put forth by the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities, calls for a National Active Transportation Policy, including:

  • better data to track mode share
  • research on benefits
  • AT policy and infrastructure design guidelines for adoption at the provincial/territorial and municipal level
  • coordination of roles and responsibilities among federal departments and agencies continued long-term federal investment in AT infrastructure.

“This is terrific,” said GCC Executive Director Clifford Maynes. “For the past year and half, we have been working with our allies in Canada’s active transportation movement to try to secure federal funds for a collaborative national plan. The FCM resolution dispenses with federal government concerns about treading on municipal jurisdiction. Municipalities are explicitly seeking ‘greater federal leadership,’” Clifford said.

Stay tuned.

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