Canada’s National Action Strategy for Walking

Canadians are coming together to create a unified voice for walking and to pick up the pace of action for walkable communities.

Our goal: to restore everyday walking as a routine part of our lives by creating conditions in which walking is a positive experience—practical, pleasant, and attractive.


Send us a letter endorsing the vision statement and indicate your interest in participating as the campaign gets up and running. (See the vision statement, sample letter of support, and a list of endorsing organizations to date. Download our campaign description.)

The National Action Strategy for Walking is a broad-based collaboration hosted by Green Communities Canada (Canada Walks). Green Communities Canada has been a leader in Canada’s walking movement for two decades through innovative programs like Active & Safe Routes to School, School Travel Planning, the WALK Friendly Community designation, and walkability workshops delivered Canada-wide.

The National Action Strategy for Walking is attracting diverse membership, including national organizations like the Heart and Stroke Foundation and local organizations in communities from coast to coast. See list. Our campaign will include representation from diverse sectors including health, fitness, safety, environment, economy, seniors, and transportation.

Please join us. If you agree with the vision statement, send us a letter on organization letterhead indicating your support.

Over the coming months and years, we will:

  • sign up Canadian organizations and businesses that want to create more walkable communities
  • engage government decision-makers in adopting supportive policies and infrastructure investments
  • help local organizations to promote walking and walkability in their own communities
  • facilitate information-sharing and networking to build a cohesive pan-national movement
  • address research and resource needs
  • hold Canada’s first national walking summit in September 2017

The time has come to create a united voice for walking in this country. Let’s do it!

Download our campaign description.

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