Our related walking programs.

In addition to the resources on this site, Canada Walks has two other related programs: Active and Safe Routes to School and WALK Friendly Communities.


Active and Safe Routes to School is a provincial initiative hosted by Canada Walks and is part of a national movement of practitioners who advocate for active school travel to foster healthy, happy children, and safer school communities. The site includes:

  • programs that engage students and encourage walking to school
  • case studies showing how communities get students to adopt active transportation
  • research that shows these methods are effective
  • a guide and toolkit for School Travel Planning – a way to create greater and lasting change by making your school community more walkable
  • links between well-being and active school travel (sustainable happiness)


WALK Friendly Communities is a recognition program that encourages municipalities to create and improve spaces and places to walk by awarding Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum designations.

Using our comprehensive framework of indicators for walkability, municipalities benchmark their current status and measure progress over time. The program gives walking a prominent profile in community planning and design, and encourages municipal governments to set targets for ongoing improvements.

As communities strive to achieve higher awards, the built environment is transformed to support safe, sustainable, and independent mobility. Website contents include:

  • a Showcase of highlights from communities that achieved a WALK Friendly Community designation between 2013-15
  • making the case for WALK Friendly designation, and the process
  • an Application Guide, with links to further how-to information and samples
  • in-depth resources

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