We’re making Canada a great place to walk.

Our vision: a Canada where everyone can enjoyably, easily and safely walk to school, work, play, shopping, and transit.

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What we do

Canada Walks promotes the value of walking and walkability, and works with partners to help build Canada’s walking movement. What we do:

Research and engagement

We conduct research on walkability and its benefits, and share new and existing research with a variety of audiences.

Consulting services

We offer customized fee-for-service workshops and other services, including webinars, walkability audits, and community engagement.

Support for action

We work with local, regional, and national stakeholders to implement walkability policies and initiatives.


We operate affiliated walking programs, including Active & Safe Routes to School and the Walk Friendly Communities designation program.

Benefits of walking

Reap the benefits of increased walking and walkability in your community.

Improves health and mental well being

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Boosts the local economy

Creates sustainable and connected communities

Increases neighbourhood safety


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